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Rhetoric of Dissent (Occupy Wall Street) Question 1 Occupy Wall Street Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is a protest movement located in New York City's Wall Street financial district. It was initiated by Canadian activist group, Adbusters on September 17, 2011, and has led ‘Occupy’ movements and protests around the world.


The movement engages in television news punditry, internet activism, and street-based social movements. The movement has established camps in different locations. The camps are centers of information, protests and to advance the life of the movement. Though the government of United States has been supporting freedom of speech, it has been against the OWS camps, and has dismantled many of them on various grounds (Fish, 2011). US government made the 1st law amendment that guarantee right of speech and assembly to all citizens including OWS protesters (Cohen, (2010). This amendment helps to promote and encourage free flow of ideas among citizens, and to preserve democracy. As a result of the amendment, OWS protesters have a better chance to express ideas, and to uncover the truths and facts from the tones of information received. OWS protesters will have a platform to ensure accountability in leaders for their actions (Cohen, 2010). In addition, such a move will open the minds of the protesters to different views and ideas. Thus, the 1st law amendment gave US OWS protesters rights with ample benefits, which cannot be underestimated. The freedom of speech extends to offering protection to maintain parks or camps, as Reisman (2011) points out. ...
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