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The Role of a Positive Communication Climate on Sustaining Relationships - Essay Example


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The Role of a Positive Communication Climate on Sustaining Relationships

People within organizations and even in families need to have positive communication environment so as to foster peaceful co-existence among them. In doing this, the guidelines below are very useful as it sustains social, personal and professional relationships. Build a confirming climate The nature of communication climate determines the manner people feel and relate with others. A confirming climate values and affirms individual opinions and makes one feel treasured. Creating a positive climate is very important as it fosters effective communication of interacting groups which exist at work place and family. There is a need to create a confirming climate at work place since it enhances good relations among the interacting parties and thus promoting performance. It is also important to not only create a confirming climate at work place but also in social relationships because it has an impact in easing tensions that often build up at work place. A confirming climate in personal relationship helps us disclose our innermost sentiments and opinions without fear of discrimination, disapproval or mockery. It is important to note that a confirming climate is a key to success among interacting groups. Confirmation can be described under the following guidelines. Recognition Through non verbal behaviours such as a simple smile, a hug, looking directly at the eye or looking up when someone enters your room. It can also be accompanied by verbal communication of greetings for example “hello,” “good

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to meet you,” “welcome home” just to mention a few are good ways of recognition. Responding to others comments is a sign that you recognize them. Acknowledgement This is the most powerful stage of confirmation. The stage involves paying attention to the people’s feelings and thoughts. Acknowledging other people’s opinions and thoughts makes them feel part of the relationship and is therefore vital in promoting social, personal and professional relationship. Endorsement This is the act of accepting a person’s opinions and approach to matters as legitimate. When we do not endorse other people’s thoughts and feelings, our relationship with them weakens. It is therefore wise to endorse in order to promote good relationships. Accept and confirm others (Rawlings, 1994) asserts that “communication research tells us that people expect real friends to give honest feedback, even if it isn’t always pleasant to hear. In the view of this statement, managers are expected to offer straight forward responses as well as criticism. In doing so, such managers are most likely to build a strong working relationship with the subordinates. In the contrary, managers who try to avoid criticism and conflict harm good professional and social relationship between themselves and their subordinates (Fisher, 1998). This is an inference that we must always be sincere in our day to day communication. In most cases people fear to tell the truth because of the perceived response of the subject in terms of what feeling it will cause. This is dishonest and doesn’t foster positive relationships it instead undermines. Affirm and assert yourself This affirmation deals with us in that we do have our own opinions, feelings and preferences. Therefore, it is misleading to think that affirmation concerns others and that our preferences and opinions are less valid than those of other people. The principle of


The role of a positive communication climate in sustaining relationships Date: Name: Institution: The role of a positive communication climate in sustaining relationships Communication climate is defined as the overall feeling or emotional mood between people who are interacting…
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The Role of a Positive Communication Climate on Sustaining Relationships essay example
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