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Name: Course: Instructor: Date of Submission: Article Analysis The two articles examine different aspects of the media. The articles both seek to test the credibility of the media reports that are available for consumption to the public. The articles seek to argue on whether those reports are credible and objective or if they actually seek to satisfy certain people and certain authorities.


The two articles argue that in most cases, the content that is produced by the media is bias. This is the main point that the two articles seek to make. The claims that are made in the articles are however very different. Feldman is of the opinion that media bias has come up in recent years and as such, the consumer is now exposed to biased content as opposed to earlier years when the media had a tradition of ensuring objectivity in their reporting. Bias is therefore a product of the contemporary media. Boreing however is of the opinion that the media has never at any point tried to avoid bias, and has indeed always promoted it. According to him, bias is in the nature of media from the beginning. The two writers do agree that there is presence of bias in the media. However, the article by Feldman asserts that the bias that is in the media news and reports is overt, and that the audience that is the consumer of these news is more likely to perceive host bias as well as story bias in the opinionated news of the media than they perceive in the non-opinionated news. ...
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