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The Media of Diaspora

The common notion of a globalised world is that it is composed of governmental organizations and big corporations, but this is not always the case as shown by large segments of the global population living in countries not their own but merely adopted. It gave the notion or concept of a movement that is “globalisation from below” and dispelled conventional wisdom also that a diaspora refers to the Jewish people only or exclusively. Discussion There are significantly large numbers of people living in other countries today due to the advent of modern forms of travel, such as the steamships and airplanes, which made travel easier and much cheaper. Prof. Karim H. Karim has sought to spotlight the public discourse on this growing number of people who uproot themselves to move to another country which he calls as transnational groups. These groups in turn use a variety of media to communicate and keep in touch with the original communities in their home countries, using various forms of communications such as postal mail, telephone, fax, satellite television, audiotapes, video cassette tapes and with the Internet, through e-mails and chat groups (Karim 1). The main purpose of Prof. ...
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Student's Full Name: & Number: (The Media of Diaspora) 29 February 2012 (estimated word count = 1,354) Mapping Diasporic Mediascapes Introduction People are always moving about, from one country to another in search of a better life and greater economic opportunities or to escape political and religious persecutions…
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