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[Name of the Writer] [Name of Instructor] [Subject] [Date] Conflict Management Introduction Every individual handle conflicts in a different way and style. Conflicts can be managed effectively by analyzing others way of conflict resolution and matching it with our own style.


The paper presents an overview of different conflict management styles and highlights one conflict management style that is used by organizations most frequently. It also describes the difficulties organizations faces in dealing with others who use different conflict management styles along with the advantages and disadvantages of each style with a description to conflict avoidance and its interrelationship with conflict management. Discussion Conflicts may take place any point in time and at any place. The common cause for a conflict involves difference of ideas, attitudes, standards, requirements and expectations. These disagreements cause each party to ascertain some actions, indecisions and reactions. When a communication has unforeseen or undesirable fallouts, it is general to fuss about what might be mistaken or complaint about what is off beam with the other person. It is much more prolific, however, to emphasis on what occurred (Marion, 22; Rahim, 583; Romero, 2983). Instead of disturbing or making conventions about other party in the conflict, it is more fruitful to emphasis on reckoning out variances and disagreements to gain common perspectives and create collective resolutions. ...
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