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Essay example - Effective Communication Practices within Diverse Contemporary Families

Journalism & Communication
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Effective Communication within Contemporary Diverse Families Name: Institution: Effective Communication within Contemporary Diverse Families The family is the basic building block of a society. Without the existence of families, there is no society. This means that the collection of families together, which share the same values and heritage, leads to the formation of a society…

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Times have indeed changed. However, it should not be assumed that families are disappearing; rather, they are changing with the times. People are not as close to each other as they once were. The much older folks prefer their people close to them. This is unlike the younger ones who prefer the distance between family members to be relatively large. Mobile phones are the only connection that enables people to communicate. This paper will review some stages present in the family life cycle. Also, it will look into the effects that effective communication plays in the different family settings that exist today. There are different stages that are present in the family life cycle. This is the transition that different families undergo during certain phases in their lives. This means that a family can undergo changes in their lives as times change, and the need to adapt to their immediate environment arises (Tutwiler, 2005). The first stage in the family cycle is the where young adults leave their homes. This is maybe in search of emotional and financial stability. This they may achieve on their own or maybe through help. At this stage, they struggle to create their own identities by becoming self-reliant. The comfort that comes with achieving independence is what drives them. ...
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