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1) Action – The Matrix 2) Comedy – Rush Hour 3 3) Drama – The Shawshank Redemption 4) Horror – Scream 5) Musical – The Phantom of the Opera 6) Romance – Titanic 7) Science Fiction – Avatar 8) Documentary – Fahrenheit 9/11


This movie is just as good as the first two, and I would say that it is one of the funniest movies that I have ever watched. What makes the script so good is the interplay between Chief Inspector Lee, played by Jackie Chan, and Detective James Carter, played by Chris Rock. Some of the lines that these two actors used had me laughing nonstop. The movie begins with the introduction of the Triads, a Chinese criminal organization, and Lee and Carter pursuing an assassin at the World Criminal Court. The next scene is perhaps the best scene of the whole movie. The clues lead Carter and Lee to a martial arts studio, where a giant martial arts expert confronts them. The conversation goes back and forward between Carter and the martial arts expert, with the words “you” and “me” used in a confusing manner. After this, the clues lead the two of them to Paris, France. The first place they go to is a triad hideout, where Lee manages to kill a Triad assassin called Jasmine, and Carter meets a beautiful lady, Genevieve. After Carter and Lee are told that Shy Shen, the leader of the Triads, is not a person but a number of leaders, they discover that Genevieve has the list of Triad leaders tattooed onto her forehead. ...
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