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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The U.K Phone Scandal The world is taking a new shape everyday with the ever-evolving technology. Though positively impacting the society, technological advancement has tremendously increased uncivilized behaviors within the society as a result of increased crimes.


Communication practices and media of communication have with time mutated, becoming self-organized, and wholly evolving to new forms (McQuail, 2008:214). Outcomes of these new forms of communication systems and practices are often not predictable. This paper discusses in depth how the recent phone hacking scandal in U.K portray incidences where the popular press use their press freedom as a justification of their unwarranted media intrusion in people’s privacy. Research depicts that the cell phone is one fascinating garget that has undergone many changes and still undergoing technological changes (Wyatt, 2000:4). For instance, it never envisaged that the use of mobile phones would change drastically from voice mail communication to SMS then later to the internet use. Mobile phones are depicted to have a variation of features that make them powerful gargets. They not only serves as a means of communication but also installed with the necessary technology of accessing the internet, watching television, and playing games. In addition, some mobile phones have been installed with the GPS that enables the location of an individual. Therefore, change in the cell phone technology has increased dramatically. This change in the cell phone industry has been both beneficial and hazardous to the society. ...
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