New forms of advertising in digital age and social media

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New forms of advertising in digital age and social media. Fashion Blogs: A viable tool for marketing fashion brands? Advertising was always the best medium to communicate with the consumer. It was reliable and extensive and the advertiser had control over what he wanted communicated to the public.


Today if a brand is not on a social networking site their presence on internet is equal to zero. Social networking which is a creation of user-generated content has very rapidly taken over traditional forms of advertising. Long gone are the days when the marketer had complete control over the content that was being passed on to consumers about their brand. Due to social networking tools, now the consumers are the marketers. They create, consume and then distribute the content amongst hundreds and millions of readers. Social media has changed the media ecosystem today (Browning, 2008). Social media websited include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. These websites are easy to use and instantaneously pass on a message to millions of people. The makers of these sites have even released versions that work on mobile phones and tablet PCs, making these sites accessible from literally anywhere. Gone are the days when you had to switch on your PC for every little thing. You can post a blog even on the move. It is because of such factors that blogs, as an example of “new advertising”, is a rapidly growing trend in Internet advertising. As the internet is expanding its horizons, blogging has become an integral part of businesses marketing strategies. They are however not only restricted to businesses, the “blog” is the 21st century alternative to a website. ...
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