Do the Games 'Grand Theft Auto IV' and 'Call of Duty- Modern Warfare 3' Promote Violent Behaviour or are they Harmless

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Name (professor) (subject) (date) Do the games ‘Grand theft auto IV’ and ‘Call of duty- Modern warfare 3’ promote violent behaviour or are they simply a harmless form of escapism? Games have become an increasingly important part of the media. As an industry, it has also influenced the film industry, with various claims indicating that ‘video games will pull in ‘$74 billion in 2011 alone and are projected to rake in a staggering $115 billion a year by 2015’i.


However, as games have become a more powerful industry, some people have suggested this may also have some negative effects. Games such as Grand theft auto IV have been reported as being responsible for adverse effects on players and various tabloid newspapers have said that violent games are deliberately based on reality. In general, the impact seen from video games has been credited to the mimicking of violence seen and played during the games. Studies also indicate how gamers playing violent video games are also more likely to act aggressively or engage in violent or aggressive behaviour towards other people. These gamers, especially those of younger ages, would be more likely to fight with their parents, their peers, or with their classmates. They would also be less likely to have executive control over their temper or emotions, making them easily prone to angry outbursts and aggression. ...
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