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People Communication

Failure of communication meeting the intended purpose raises suspicion and reactance. Communication takes place due to the assistance of a variety of tools and equipments. Researchers and scholars have plated a vital role in enhancement of communication by development and invention of effective communication tools and strategies. This paper discusses in depth technological change, social construction theories, political economic analysis, and the ideology of technology neutrality (Atkin 3).
Change is a remarkable event in everyone’s life. Rapid change in technology has brought diverse effects to individual’s lives. Change comes in succession and is bond to happen in everyone’s life. How an individual approaches the changes in life becomes a question at hand. Changes that arise in an individual’s life may either be social, economically, or politically allied (Chandler). Change may either have optimistic or pessimistic impacts in an individual’s life. Change in technology has diversely altered the way people converse and relay message. Different ways have come up where an individual can have a discussion with another who is miles away. Change in technology entails innovation, invention, and diffusion of technological processes. Technological change aims for better and more effective technology (Cellary and Iyengar 187). In the social world, technology has invented methods of enhancing effective communication. ...
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In this changing world, effective communication is consequently crucial. Communication is ubiquitous and effective ways of conveying a particular message are extremely demanding. Effective communication in any case has to be informative indicating a particular way forward concealing the intentions of the message and instrumental goals. …
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