Saturation of Media is Causing Loss of Democratic Communication

Saturation of Media is Causing Loss of Democratic Communication Essay example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Saturation of Media is Causing Loss of Democratic Communication It is apparent that the current world has experienced the effects of the different forms of media that have become part of the daily life. These forms of media include television, radio, films, documentaries, social websites, internet chat rooms, sound systems, phones, print media, and many other sources of information.


It is worth noting that free flow of information and fast transmissions are key advantages of media. The advances of media have been events of celebration in history but their increased use has reached a saturation point. The saturation is leading to a gradual loss of democratic communication. Society has embraced media without holding back. Media forms an integral part of human existence in the current world. Because of the increasing saturation, man is slowly losing the essence of democratic communication. Democratic communication is a two-way platform that allows individuals access to information and gives them the opportunity to raise debate and criticism of such information to qualify it as the absolute truth. Concerning social media, there are many social websites in society. These include facebook, twitter, MySpace, badoo, Skype, and netlog. Facebook and twitter have numerous subscribers in the American society. Most of the subscribers spent a lot of time on the websites but due to saturation level, they do little while online. Few subscribers create new information. On the contrary, people transmit the existing information. In addition, television, disk players, smart phones are all over in the society. ...
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