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Take a Position for or Against the Citizens United Decision and Defend You Position

According to Foster (1), this clip was meant to tarnish Hillary’s political image and render her unfit for a political position. This action was in violation of the Federal Laws and hence citizens United got an indictment. It was criminal for individuals or corporations to air election material thirty days prior to voting. In 2010, the Supreme Court was in condemnation of the act of Citizen’s United but gave leeway to corporations to unreservedly fund political promotions. This decision insinuates that corporations can engage in election endorsement but they are supposedly pursuing their hidden interests (Foster 1). I disapprove the Citizen United’s decision since it encourages rich corporations to further their ambitions through electoral endorsements, which does not level the competitive platform for potential candidates. Impacts of the Citizens United’s Decision This has led to involvement of corporations in swaying of voters, which is infringing on democracy since the corporations employ vast resources to advance their objectives. The emergence of Political Action Committees (PAC’s) has led to pollution of the political landscape since they are persistent in damaging the names of opposing candidates just to increase their political advantage. Negative Advertisements According to Foster (1), one of the hazards of the Citizen United decision is to enhance outside participation in politics. ...
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 Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Outline i. Introduction ii. Impacts of the Citizens United’s Decision a. Negative Advertisements b. Increased Spending c. Increased Spending d. Demoralization of the Corporations Members e. Anonymous Contributors f. Enrichment tool iii…
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