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Your F. Name Professor Name Course 10 April 2012 Analysis of Advertisements What is an advertisement? It is a paid announcement using various means of media to promote sales. It is often a public notice in print or often calls attention to the audience. It makes a call of action known (


Multiple methods of advertising reaches out to the most people possible. To determine whether these marketing tactics work, a return on the dollar ratio is calculated by each company's marketing team. When looking for certain advertisements to categorize together, it was easy to see that many of them are somewhat similar depending on the product. Fragrance advertisements all look the same with any celebrity aiming to make a dollar has a fragrance line up and coming. Celebrities are also used to endorse a wide variety of products of anything from make up with spokespeople such as Drew Barrymore and Ellen DeGeneres to tennis shoes endorsed by popular athletes such as Michael Jordan. When trying to evaluate which genre of advertising to choose to analyze, I decided upon weight loss program advertisements. This includes weight loss supplements and dieting programs and can even combine that with fitness programs that guarantee that people will get ripped bodies in just a matter of a few months. The many avenues for advertising include billboards, television, radio, mobile advertisements, online advertising and print advertisements in newspapers and magazines. When analyzing weight loss program advertisements, various products are marketed on virtually every avenue. ...
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