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Communication institutions Name University Instructor’s name Date of Submission Communication institutions Throughout the course, a number of media models have been discussed some of which include authoritarianism, libertarianism, social responsibility, commercial and propaganda and internet media model.


In this regard, the media and the journalists are required to be guided by their internal convictions, conscience, responsibility and honesty (McQuail, 2005). On the other hand, the libertarian media model refers to the kind of media which champions the lack of state intervention in the activities of journalists. Consequently, the media are only supposed to be controlled by their private owners. Authoritarian models of media are completely under the control of the governments and are often used as tools to influence public opinions. In the contemporary Israeli media system, the best media model would be libertarianism. This is particularly because much of the Media in Israel is currently privately owned (Frankel, 1994). Additionally, the contemporary Israeli media are independent and journalists are taking advantage of the democratic press freedom in the country by freely expressing themselves in a number of issues ranging from wars, political campaigns and social issues. Modern state of Israel is a country of diverse culture that is at conflict with a number of its Arab neighbors. With regard to economic development, the Israeli economy has significantly undergone transformation over the years from a centralized state controlled economy to the current liberal free market economy. ...
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