Methods of Research in Media and Communications

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Methods of Research in Media and Communications Name of Student Student Number Institution Course Code Instructor’s Name Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Background Information 2 Research question 4 Rationale for the method used 4 Sampling, Selection of informants and Question of Access 7 Designing interview Schedule and the Contents of an Archive Outline 8 The Coding Frame 8 Ethics and Consent 9 Analysis and findings 9 Conclusion 12 Reference List 12 Appendices 15 Appendix I.


This paper aims at evaluating the perception that the Greek had during the economic crisis, which threatened to paralyse their economy due to its incapacity to pay its debts. The study utilises an interview form of research to get the views from various individuals with respect to the information they got from the media during the crisis. The information obtained from the interview was then analysed, and findings used to ascertain the perception of the people. Background Information People all over the world have different reactions in relation to the news and reports relayed unto them (Corner et al., 1997). According to European Journalism Centre (2010), the press is the second-most imperative source of information after the television. The news and reports are relied on heavily by the public for any eventual news either in the country or abroad. Therefore, with respect to the economic crisis, the media channels and information sources did their best to bring out the situation experienced economically both at home and at the international level (Mullen and Klaehn, 2010). ...
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