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The Commercialization of Christmas - Essay Example

In addition, they existed long before Christ was born. As Christianity spread across different parts of the world, so did its significance. Adding pressure to Christians on the need for its celebrations, this was marked by buying of gifts and decorating of trees. This resulted to the commercialization of Christmas since the demand for Christmas gifts during Christmas season presented ready market for business to boom. This paper, therefore, seeks to explore the traditions of Christmas and how it has been commercialized by advertising and promotion.
The roman church, in the recent past, has succeeded in making December 25 a celebration to mark the birth of Christ replacing all other pagan festival that were mark on the same date. However, Christmas is marked base on the same belief. It is celebrated differently in different parts of the world. In Great Britain, Boxing Day is one of the traditions marked on the Christmas season. On this day, boxes of alms were opened in churches and distributed to the poor. This was done whilst singing the Christmas carols, making carols part of Christmas music and long held traditions.
In Scandinavia, during winter there are a times when the sun would not shine for a certain period, and on the return of the sunlight, Scandinavians would hold a festival called yuletide. In this festival, log of Yule would be put on fire, and people would come around the fire and hold a celebration. This was done to remind the Scandinavians that the warm summer will surely

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Do shops portray Christian Christmas festivity or perpetuate a commercial tradition
The influences are strong and potent as the messages are clear that spending money during this time of year is not only encouraged, it is almost mandatory. Those who have the will to resist the consumer pounding that the advertisers spend millions on in order to encourage the purchases of large amounts of gifts have a will that is stronger than the average person.
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Christmas Carol
While portraying the characters, Dickens employs creativity within the scenario of linguistics. In the novella, Dickens’ tone of writing changes from unhappiness to happiness. Besides, the style (literary hymn to Christmas season) and form (allegory) of the story are significant.
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Christmas celebration and thanksgiving
The Christmas holiday has for a long time been celebrated by the Christendom to mark the birth of their savior Jesus Christ whom they claim to have been born on the same date in the early 31AD in one of the then most powerful European empires, the Roman Empire. These people believe that Jesus came into the world to save mankind.
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A Product is defined as a tangible commodity and intangible service which helps the company to deliver superior performance. (1) Implications of Launching a Product into the Market in terms of Commercialization The key elements in the development and commercialization of the new product would include market development and penetration agility, markets share momentum with a suitable competitive advantage and profitability, which measures the rate of return concept as well as the shareholder’s growth (Ardalan, 2009).
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Commercialization product and service
The most essential areas of financing in a commercialization plan include advertising, sales promotion and marketing of the product. According to Rafinejad (2007), the main aim of commercialization is pushing the product in the international market to ensure that it competes successfully against other products already in the market.
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Commercialization of Product & Services
This is a very critical process and preparation is a not an option if the business goals have to be met. Therefore, the management of any company have role carry out a thorough analysis of the target. More so, the international market is never homogeneous and hence varying strategies have to be developed in order to cater for the varying market niches.
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Although such a model is effective in generating a new level of clientele and integrating services and/or products with a new environment, it is oftentimes the case that a given company/organization or business entity has grown to such an extent that it is necessary to expand internationally.
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Commercialization of organ transplants
In the recent past, organ transplants have become a routine practice in major hospitals to the sharp incline in organ demand. To meet this high demand, some sections of the medical practitioners have called for the commercialization of this sensitive process.
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The Special Christmas Time
Christmas time brings you to a totally different world getting you from that circle and whirling into a world of wonders and fairy discoveries. Looking at the turmoil of Christmas time – people hurrying, buying presents, decorating their homes – you get the mood of the holiday, some burning wish that something unexpected and good can happen.
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Christmas carols
Thus, people start playing Christmas carols as early as 20-10 days before the Christmas day. On Christmas day, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ whom they believe is
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return. This became part of a Christmas celebration, though not with the same meaning as the Scandinavians, since Christmas is incorporated in other festival practices. The tradition of Christmas tree decoration is believed to have its origin in the Scandinavian ritual, where Scandinavians used to tie apple to trees branches. This also entails the roman festival of saturnalia, which in involve decorating of the trees with candles (Kelly 127). Not only is Christmas a mixture of so many different tradition, it has become a critical business. Commercialization of Christmas started as early as the 1990’s. These are some of the Christmas commercials in the 1990’s that help shape the modern Christmas celebrations. Most nations encourage the celebration of Christmas with the observation of Christmas practices. This is because sending of the Christmas cards is part of the Christmas traditions in most part of the world. Christmas themed postal stamps are highly marketable at the time. Most postal customers often uses this stamps to mail their Christmas cards, Hence, making this a commercial strategy for postal companies seeking to make massive profits (Nissenbaum 111). Secondly, Christmas cards are also part of Christmas practices. It illustrates the message of greetings to the community at large. They feature commercial design, artwork relevant to the season and are purchased in large quantities (Canada 55). The tradition of sending cards has been so popular to the extent of E-cards. This is one of the emerging trends of marking modern day Christmas and its inline with the advancement in technology of modern technology (Canada 56). Companies such as Coca-cola are some brands whose advertisements in the early 1990’s helped in shaping the modern day Christmas. Coca-cola through its advertisement in the 1990s credited in depicting the modern day Santa Claus as an old,


The word Christmas draws its name from the mass of Christ. The day was set a side to mark the celebration of the birth of Christ, Which is believed to have happened 2000 years ago. It was probably designed to be the alternative to the so popular pagan festivals, which was celebrated on December the 25. …
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The Commercialization of Christmas essay example
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