Celebrity vs. Ordinary People Phenomenon.

Celebrity vs. Ordinary People Phenomenon. Essay example
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Television and press put society in the picture concerning the major events that take place in specific countries, life of concrete people, and world in general. Despite a vast variety of informative sections, it is relevant to say that during last several years the structure and format of news have changed drastically.


The paper under consideration dwells upon the celebrity phenomenon, taking into account the works of Turner (2004), Rojek (2001), Franklin (1997) and others. In the paper, you will find the link between the development of media and the phenomenon in question. To underpin his opinion the writer reviewed more then 10 sources, the latest one is of year 2011.
As Turner (2004, p. 15) states, “a celebrity phenomenon is everywhere”, so it is almost impossible to get rid of it because the main goal of famous people as advertising tool is to create awareness of target audience using celebrities’ popularity. Famous people have managed to occupy every sphere of our life. Giles (2000) states that fame should be considered more as a process than current status, which can benefit every disputed sphere. We can see celebrities in TV shows, films, magazines and even advertisements. Frequently, some products of culture are judged by potential viewers from the point of participants that take part in its presentation. For example, many people are prone to decide whether they will watch a proposed film or not by merely the presence of well-known performers in the cast. So currently, it is hard to say what makes what: films create stars or, vice versa, celebrities stimulate success of films. ...
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