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Student's Name: Professor's Name: My Media Life: Amusing Ourselves to Death 15 April 2012 (estimated word count = 1,815) Amusing Ourselves to Death Introduction The modern life we lead today is marked by the prevalent influence of technology. It is a fast-paced life whose tempo is dictated by the ubiquitous Information Age wherein almost everything we do is determined to a large extent by the sheer number of consumer electronics gadgets and devices that we own and possess.


Cellular phones, iPads, netbooks or any mobile device has afforded me the portability of communications not possible before any of these devices entered the consumer electronics market and makes life fulfilling. The sheer amount of information that is today available out there makes me selective on which media outlets that I visit and patronize. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day so that I have to allocate my time efficiently on what sites to visit and which media outlet to use. A person has to be very discriminating as well with regards to the information available, as it is not possible to regard everything and every bit of information posted on the Internet as very reliable. In other words, there is a pressing need for some form of content curation which will verify whether information is true or not; the rest of information out there may not be much of a worth or anything if it has not been verified or undergone some form of editing. Any person must be very discriminating indeed when it comes to getting information from some sources. ...
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