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Assessment Item Name Institution 1. Briefly define the uses and gratifications approach? Discuss the central achievement of this approach as well as its shortcomings. This model is a reaction to the emphasis that was put on the sender and the content to be delivered.


This approach also tries to understand the negative as well as positive uses of the media. Uses and gratifications approach is also effective in discerning an individual’s motive behind using a particular medium. Uses and gratifications approach stipulates that audience members tend to select the media that will satisfy their individual needs. In this case, people will use the media that meet their motives and eventual satisfaction of needs. Therefore, if a medium is more effective in terms of gratification, then people will use that medium more often. Media researchers were, therefore, concerned with understanding what people do with media with gratifications being understood as the effects that a certain medium had on the audience. A finding showed that there is a possibility that people will draw a similar response from the content of a thriller movie. Uses and gratification approach centres on the use of media based on the sociopsychological needs of an individual, as cited in Blumer and Katz (1974). They argue that the social and psychological aspects of an individual determine the kinds of expectations that these individuals have on the media. As such, individuals will seek the media that they find favourable in terms of their sociopsychological origins. ...
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