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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: The marketing of a political candidate The marketing of a presidential candidate is the process by which presidential candidates get themselves and their strategies through to the people and have them accept to vote for them as their leaders.


The media is the main communication channel through which Obama used to reach his audience in his campaign. The main ways the media Obama used the media was by giving his information to the people and letting them have his views on various issues. The presentation of information in the media elicited a response by the public to support him. Obama used the media to change the views of the people on various issues and made them vote him for as their president. Obama used the media to direct the public, as he believed the public needed direction through information. This led to the swaying of the public to his side and he won their votes through giving his views on certain issues in the country to the public. The information given to the media was appropriate for his election ambitions and covered the issues he addressed fully. The second way by which Obama used the media as a marketing strategy was being in touch with the people through his message. Obama through the media, which include radio, television, print, and film media to repeated his message of again for people to remember and keep in touch with him. This ensures the message reaches a variety of people and gets them to vote for them for believing the issue due to numerous repetitions. President Obama who campaigned on the platform for change in every campaign he stood to speak. ...
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