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Media and Public Life Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Media and Public Life 1.0. Introduction Cell phones play a fundamental role in the lives of human beings in the present-day societies. Recent statistics indicate that the ongoing mobile technology has had greatly impacted individuals today.


Such mobile phones include iPhones, for instance the blackberry phones that comprise of copious features like cameras, data storage, games, and text messengers amongst other composite features. With all these features, it is almost obvious that these gadgets are likely to take over the lives of individuals in the society. This essay shall aim to highlight the concept of mobile phones- blackberry phones- and the implications it has had on the public life. This concept shall also be related to the communication theories, in an attempt to understand the entire concept of media and public life. 2.0. Body The use of cell phones in the society almost has no specific age group. Most persons hold the view that use of cell phones allows them develop a sense of identity in the public arena. Davenport, LaRose & Straubhaar (2009) indicate that the use of mobile phones in the contemporary society can be termed as a compulsory need by the populace. This, on a great percentage, has a lot to do with the way people interrelate with each other in the society. With the introduction of the iPhones, for instance the blackberry phones, the society has in simple terms been reduced to an ‘iPhone society’. The youths are worst affected by the technology. ...
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