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Name Professor Course Date Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11 The documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore is an autonomously creative work that that dispenses its views at the expense of any predicament, but without fear. The film captures all facets of impunity in the American society.


Generally, the movie emphasizes on the political drawbacks of the American systems. The movie intends to base its arguments in a way to qualify them as undisputable. There are numerous relations incorporated in the movie and through the videos from the actual scenes and profound reasoning to qualify the occurrences (Moore, p. 100). The people The documentary addresses the American people with intentions of enlightening them and offering different views of the political matters. Imperatively, the documentary addresses the economic classes of the Americans and the majority involved in wars. For instance, majority of the lower class members of the American society serve as the servicemen in the military. The filmmaker identifies that only one member of congress has a child operating in Iraq during the war (Nichols, p. 88). The documentary also stresses on the unfairness of actions of the president George Bush to the Iraq people. The movie outlines that the media are in support of the US invasion to Iraq but do not highlight the underlining motives. Many people are against the Iraq invasion but the media would wish to conceal the fundamental gist that would expose the reality. ...
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