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Interactions and dynamics within the communication on a TV program Name: Institution: Interactions and dynamics within the communication on a TV program Introduction Communication between two or more groups of people consists of transmitting and receiving messages…


In many communication contexts, a lot of problems or barriers are usually experienced. These problems include noise, language barriers, vocabulary problems, semantic problems, attitudes, and colloquial expression problems. These problems make it difficult for messages to be transmitted effectively, making it harder for them to be received. It is, therefore, important to understand the dynamics of interactions and communication between groups of people so as to be able to deal with these barriers. Communication dynamics can be both verbal and non-verbal (Burnett& Martin, 2000). When the players in the television series personally get involved with each other, it is very difficult to have clear two-way communication because of factors such as feelings and emotions. These feelings and emotions usually determine the effectiveness of both verbal and non-verbal dynamics of communication. They also determine the nature and level of interaction between the parties involved in the communication process. In regard to verbal dynamics, the speed at which communication takes place is also important in determining the success of the communication process. This essay will focus on the interactions and communication dynamics depicted in the television series, Survivor. ...
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