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President George W. Bush on 9/11 Attack - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: President George W. Bush on 9/11 attack On 11th of September 2001, terrorists attacked the New York City’s World Trade Center, and the Pentagon building at Washington D.C. This terrorism, associated with Al Qaeda, was directed by Osama bin Laden…
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President George W. Bush on 9/11 Attack
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President George W. Bush on 9/11 Attack

With America still staggering from the knocking down of the Twin Towers, President Bush presented his oration in a well-organized manner that was punctuated comprising questions and answers. This indented to give Bush a more conversational tone, making the tensed audience much more relaxed. A lot of the congressmen, indeed, majority of the American citizens, had similar questions that the president brought forward, and they stuck to his every word with the hopes of shedding some light upon the 9/11 mystery. The questions were well selected, as they made the President push the speech in a course that would justify instant action, contrary to a much reticent, cautious approach (Titus 3). Bush incriminated Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda cohorts and gave some statistics on the fatalities of the terrorism. These statistics had a dual intention. The first and most apparent was the clear broadcasting of information to American citizens. The other, which would assist Bush himself, was to induce feelings of sorrow, sympathy, and most significantly horror in the common people. Once the average citizen got won, usually by the use of grief, it would be an easy task for President Bush to win over the Congress members (Titus 2). One of the President Bush's main employments of pathos was the mode he employs individuals' particular names. For example, he spoke about a passenger who helped to rush terrorists on the airplane that crashed in the County of Somerset, a guy named Todd Beamer. Use of these names helps to exemplify the sorrow felt by the nation, Bush was able to spotlight these feelings into a liveliness which he would do, and did, employ. He also talked concerning a police shield that belonged to a guy who lost life while saving others in the tragedy site at Twin Towers (Titus 2). Bush said that he had received the shield from the man's mother, which also assists to personify each entity family's loss. Another immense use of sorrow is Bush's mention of children of different nations. Children conjure thoughts of innocence and purity, which is well employed in his quote that: "We cannot forget the South Korean children who gathered to pray outside American embassy in Seoul, and the prayers of empathy offered at a Cairo mosque" (Titus 2). Not only is this sorrow, but it is also an ardent conciliation made on Bush's element. By bringing up the Muslims on a positive radiance, he is attempting to deflect the anti-terrorist fury away from the Muslims at large, but rather at a precise cluster of radicals. Bush does this severally throughout the speech. An anaphora is also a terrific choice that the president employs as it makes the speech line more memorable. One memorable speech line from the President was "They hate our freedom" (Titus 3). This is acted as an example of a tripartite structure, which is used successfully in Bush's speech. Tripartite structure is a constructive way to assemble sentences so as to make them more authoritative, and memorable. Phrases like "they follow in the given path of Nazism, and fascism and totalitarianism..." tend to capture the audience's minds (Titus 3). Tripartite structure is, moreover, evident in "I will not yield, and I will not rest; I will not give in waging this struggle of freedom and security for the citizens of American” (Titus 3). This is not only a tripartite structure, but it is full of charged words too. These charged words became ... Read More
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“President George W. Bush on 9/11 Attack Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/journalism-communication/65063-resources-for-the-communication-event-paper.
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