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These include grass, Mary Jane, weed, hemp, chronic, reefer among others. Marijuana in most nations around the world is categorized as an illegal drug and its use is outlawed. However, there are alternative uses of marijuana…


In 1937, there was the Marijuana Tax Act that effectively made the use of cannabis illegal although it did not mention anything to do with its possession or usage. It restricted its possession to individuals who paid an excise tax to the government for medical and industrial use. In 1970, a piece of legislation known as the Controlled Substances Act classified cannabis as an illicit drug and hence made its possession a crime.
In the U.S.A, the use of marijuana has been prohibited to both the living and those who are dying. The most tragic of the prohibition of its use has been the denial of medicinal cannabis to millions of patients who could benefit from its therapeutic use.
The use of Marijuana for medical purposes has been in existence from time immemorial. There have been numerous examples that cannabis is invaluable in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. It has numerous clinical applications. The most important of these is perhaps being used as a pain reliever especially pain suffered because of nerve damage otherwise known as neuropathic pain. It is also known to deal with movement disorders, glaucoma and nausea. Marijuana has also been used as an appetite stimulant in patients suffering from dementia and HIV/AIDS. There are also studies that suggest that marijuana’s use for medicinal purposes may lead to the body acquiring some immunity from certain types of tumors.
Apart from medical use, there are a number of reasons given for the legalization of marijuana. One of them is that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes, which are legal and widely use in the US already. The other argument is that decriminalization will result in reduced criminal and gang activities that are related to the sale of Marijuana. Its legalization would reduce the effect of marijuana cartels around the nation. Its legalization would provide a chance for the regulatory bodies to safely regulate and monitor its usage in the ...
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