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(Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course) (Date) Media and Sexuality Media is so complicated, and so are the consumers of this field. There is an existing geography in the concept of homosexuality which is largely concentrated in our communities. In particular we are going to have a view of how these groups are represented in the media companies especially the fashion magazines, how the negativity and inferiority that is attributed to being a homosexual forces other people to conceal their sexual identity (Lewis 12).


Fashion magazines are a good example of how media represents sexuality. With particular interest to the Dolce & Gabbana; we are looking at how fashion will allow me to suppose about the specificity of the visual pleasures and forms of identification that will be extracted from such magazines. The dissimilar consumer habit that is assumed in lesbians and gay men in addition to their reading of fashion images is related to the difference in historical relationship to fashion (Lewis 19). Whatever the fashion, dress has become a huge marker to the identity of the everyday’s lives of gays and lesbians. They have served as an identity to other homosexuals or as a method of passing; for those who may be gay coded. Because of these reason clothes have been so important to the lives of gays and lesbians and so related pages may seem of more interests to them. It has also been an argument that lesbian viewers and readers have always had a mode of selfish identification with images of beautiful women images and producing desires to have or to be the displayed woman. ...
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