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Define Learning From the Perspective of Consumer Behaviour Theory

The proponents of this theory do not focus on the learning process but on the response of individuals to external stimuli.) this theory is also referred to as the stimulus response or vicarious theory. The classical and operant conditioning approaches try to explain this theory. According to classical conditioning, the stimulus is responsible for the response observed while for instrumental conditioning, the converse is true. When the classical conditioning is applied to consumer theory, the product brand triggers a response from the consumers that is desirable and enforces the desire to buy. This theory tries to achieve a particular response from unrelated stimuli, thus forming the basis of branding. The operant conditioning asserts that individuals will always act with reward in mind and avoid stimuli that result in punishment. This means that every behavior with pleasant results has a very high change to be repeated. Cognitive theory This theory explains learning based on the information gathered and mentally processed in response to an actual problem. Even though there is no universally agreed theory on learning, the process is clear: learning happens, either intentionally or accidentally. ...
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Question 1: Define ‘learning’ from the perspective of consumer behaviour theory. Can you provide two examples of how marketing communication is used by your brand to promote ‘learning’ [as defined by the theory]? Learning is the process when buyers obtain the purchase and consumption behaviour, and gain experience that is useful to their future related behavior…
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