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Intellectual property is a legal term which connotes to some varieties of ideas, information and other intangibles and to their tangible guises (expressed) symbolizing a legal principle.


All intellectual property laws have the common goal of extending and controlling exclusive privileges over the products of creative work or intellectual works , offering the creator or the owner of those exclusive privileges with a limited monopoly as regards to that property , normally for some phase of time.(Nathan & Morgan 2008 :20).
Copyright safeguards “original works created by the authors” that are permanent in nature and available in a corporeal guise of expression. The permanence need not be frankly discernible, as long as it may be expressed with the help of a devise or a machine. The following works are acceptable for registration with the copyright office provided they are original and creative in nature.
• Literary works
• “Lyrics and musical works”
• Play or drama with or without music
• Choreographic or Pantomimes
• “Sculptural , graphic and pictographic works”
• Audiovisuals and motion graphics
• Architectural works
• “Sound tracks or recordings”
“Creative works are safeguarded by the Copyright Act”. Creative works may be in any of the following form viz. movies, video games ,poetry , CD-ROMs, plays ,videos , sheet music ,paintings , novels , recorded music performances , sculptures ,software codes, choreography , photographs and architectural designs. There should be some creative initiatives on the side of an author so as to receive a protection under Copyright Act. The Act does not quantify how much creativity should be there. ...
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