London 2012: Why the Makers Make it Happen

London 2012: Why the Makers Make it Happen Essay example
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London 2012: Why the Makers Make it Happen Any Olympics will not be possible without its hundreds and thousands of volunteers. For the 2012 London Olympics, it needs 70,000 volunteers who will work with 8,000 London Ambassadors. These volunteers will handle a variety of roles and responsibilities, such as assisting tourists regarding the Games and other tourist destinations.


But why do these volunteers volunteer at all? Why do they want to participate in what is both a stressfully demanding and rewarding volunteer work? Gary Chan, a Chinese immigrant, is one of the chosen Makers. He said he had been an active volunteer in many community projects in Aberdeen and stressed that to be a Maker is his dream. He had a bright disposition regarding his active participation in the games, because he believed his skills would be helpful in dealing with different nationalities: “I will be part of the communications team in London. Since I know Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Spanish, I know that these communication skills will come in handy with different tourists.” When asked about his motivations as a Maker, he explained: “This is all about being part of something big. I am just a fraction of the Makers, but I know that all of us have an important role to play in the games. Altruism is enough for me to be a Maker.” Lilly Akia, a Japanese teacher, stressed that she wanted to “make a difference.” She noted that she had always participated in numerous educational volunteer services, and now, she wanted to try something in the sports arena. ...
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