China Admits New Tainted-Milk Case is Older

China Admits New Tainted-Milk Case is Older Essay example
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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Media Uses China Admits New Tainted-Milk Case Is Older This story in New York Times highlights the conflict between manufacturers of tainted milk, the public, and the consumers. The newspaper reveals that Chinese regulators had reprimanded three executives and demanded a shut down of dairy companies that sold the contaminated product.


New York Times continues to point out that enquiry into the Shanghai Panda Dairy Company started about two months before Chinese regulators arrested the culprits. According to New York Times reporter David Barboza, doctoring of milk came to attention of news and China regulators back in February the year 2009. According to Shen Weiping, one of officers at Fengxian District prosecution officer, the apprehension of executives from Panda Dairy occurred in the April in the year 2009 (Barboza, 2010: 1). This story continues to reveal that Mr. Shen took a lot of time to alert the public about contaminated milk from Shanghai Panda Dairy. Mr. Shen did not inform the public about the closure of the dairy factory in question. This created unwanted tension in the public arena. Actions of this prosecution officer contravened China’s safety law, which it enacted in June 2009. The law demanded that food producers should notify businesspeople and consumers of grave food safety troubles. To aggravate the conflict between Shanghai Panda Dairy, consumers, and the public, the government of China maintained silence on the matter. It did not report on whether the contaminated milk at stake had caused sickness to any citizen (Barboza, 2010: 1). ...
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