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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date: The Godfather The movie The Godfather is one of the many action series that provides a captivating entertainment especially for those who love to watch drama and crime. The movie was produced in 1972 based on the novel by Mario Puzo, The Godfather.


The screen player Francis Ford Coppola brings forth a gangster melodrama that is truly sorrowful but also extremely exciting that lacks the unbelievable piety of the previous productions in the movie industry that strike fear but caution that the crime is not paying. Since the production of the epic in 1972 which was also called best picture, the movie has garnered more than ten academy awards and is still on its peaks as among the most prized possession and most needed action. The movie has a running length of close to three hours and classified under the r category. This is to indicate that the epic lacks serious violent scenes, contains mature themes and language as well as offers less nudity along the film. Among the key elements in the production include the director Francis Ford Coppola, the producer Albert S. Ruddy, cinematography by Gordon Willis, music by Nino Rota and the main distributor as the Paramount Pictures. The Godfather is edited by William Reynolds, Peter Zinner, Marc Laub and Murray Solomon, while the production designer role was awarded to Dean Tavoularis (Turner 190). The Hollywood movie that is essentially action combined with drama has it settings in America and covers the first-generation and second-generation Italian-Americans. The epic has been photographed in New York with other locations included such as Las Vegas and Sicily. ...
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