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Essay example - Journalism, mass media and communication

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Journalism, mass media and communication Essay example
Journalism & Communication
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Journalism, mass media and communication
The clearest basis of joining a group is to satisfy personal needs. In order to discuss my reaction, I would take the example of the group we formed to protest against the ozone depletion…

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Journalism, mass media and communication

In my case my goals coincided with the group’s goal. But there were many who joined us for leisure, for publicity etc, undermining the combined thought of the group.
Answer 2: Groups sometimes carry formal rules well stated and expressed. In my case, we decided to wear black shirts to exhibit our protest from our attire and each and every participant was bound to wear it. Although they were provided free of cost. Our demonstration needed emotionally charged expression, although not stated, but every individual portrayed this norm. However our group was leaded by some of the extraordinary individuals to be the best representative of our cause. The rules were clearly stated since the day group formation began and most rules were stated by group leaders like the gathering of all members, timings, location etc. But as the demonstrations began, all the group members of our campus were reflective of our identity.
Answer 3: Although norms are suitable group standards, defining roles leads the development of expected behavior pattern of members. In my case, the selection of leaders, and then there assistants was made to define their specific roles within our group. Although the leaders were not mentioned to be the head but they reached that level as we started following them. So they acquired this position due to their innate leadership qualities and played an informal role in our group. The informal roles are categorized into two categories, social and task. ...
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