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Research Assessment Course No: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: University: Date: Social identity theory mainly consists of social behaviors and social behaviors depend upon the interpersonal behavior as well as the intergroup behavior. Interpersonal behavior and intergroup behaviors consists of the characteristics, which are present in both the individuals as well as the groups.


 In this research paper I have to cover these questions that are; a). List the journal reference in APA style. I have used the article “internet and the social life” because I have to cover that how can students minimize hesitation and make new friends that is why I have taken this article because internet plays an important role for minimizing the distances between people and for maximizing the interpersonal relationship. The authors of social identity theory demonstrate that completely interpersonal or completely intergroup behavior is discovering in realistic social situations. Media plays an important role for enhancing interpersonal communication because through internet you can easily done conversation and make new friends on social networking sites like on face book, orkut etc. Through internet you can email, chat, this reduces the communication barrier and enhances the social relationship (Turner & Oakes, 1986). b). List the researchers’ hypothesis as outlined in the first section of this article. Then explain in your own words the question(s) these researchers were trying to examine. ...
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