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How the Information Techniques of Al Jazeera helped change Arab Spring and Influenced Presidential Election in Egypt - Research Paper Example


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How the Information Techniques of Al Jazeera helped change Arab Spring and Influenced Presidential Election in Egypt

The Al Jazeera has become popular worldwide due to its coverage of the American and Iraq war in 2011 and the fight against terrorism by the United States forces in Afghanistan (Inseed, 2010). The Arab Spring uprising, which started in Tunisia, was covered by Al Jazeera and aired live to other Arab states in the region. This coverage attracted many viewers who were interested to follow the happenings in that country. While Al Jazeera covered the first demonstrations and arrests of bloggers in Tunisia, their main aim was just to inform viewers and not exactly to influence uprising. The government of Tunisia closed down their internet site, news transmission, and banished the reporters from working in the country indefinitely. Later, Al Jazeera resumed transmission of services through social networking sites and live streaming on YouTube, which the government could not effectively control (Dabashi, 2012) . Through their news correspondents, who mostly are locals of their host nations, the station was able to air live protests and demonstrations in the Arab Spring countries. Their correspondents and bloggers used internet to transmit their views and information to citizens in the countries and abroad. Al Jazeera again highlighted the issues facing these people through expert interviews and call-in shows that were aired throughout the Arabic region and globally (“Former Al Jazeera head”, 2011). Since the previous decades, the West has been seen as the driving force of democracy in Middle East,

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and it was not thought that the Arab citizens could themselves be able to overturn regimes and become democratic. This sentiment has since lost meaning, as Al Jazeera used its wide viewership and broad reach to cover issues that affected Arab countries, such as job creation, security, independence, and human rights (Khanfar, 2012). In Arab Spring countries like Egypt, the dictatorial regime was strongly criticized by local correspondents of the network. The cable network took the agenda-setting role, as it mainly concerned itself with highlighting what the government in Egypt was doing and what it was not to be doing. Through the use of opinion leaders, the network actively shed more light on how regimes are misusing state resources to oppress citizens; for instance, Al Jazeera covered the plight of prisoners who were being tortured and the use of force and ammunition by security forces against unarmed demonstrators in the Arab Spring nations, especially Egypt (Hroub, 2011). According to Khanfar (2012), the cable network has an editorial team, which is independent, and their contents and coverage is not subject to censorship. This made news coverage in Egypt and Arab spring countries factual, professional, and representative of happenings there, making people mobilize and demand their rights and change in regime. The Egyptian government closed the site and stopped the transmissions of Al Jazeera, jailing their reporters and prohibiting them to cover news. This only served to increase the credibility of news coverage of the protests and revolution in the country. The Muslim Brotherhood party in Egypt, which was the main driving force of demonstrations, was given the chance to air their policies and changes they wished to see, democracy being among the main one. Souaiaia (2011) writes that the


How the information techniques of Al Jazeera helped change Arab Spring and influenced presidential election in Egypt Al Jazeera is a cable news television launched in 1996 in Qatar by the imperial royal family of Qatar. The network was created to focus on the Arab states and issues facing them…
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How the Information Techniques of Al Jazeera helped change Arab Spring and Influenced Presidential Election in Egypt essay example
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