How the Information Techniques of Al Jazeera helped change Arab Spring and Influenced Presidential Election in Egypt

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How the information techniques of Al Jazeera helped change Arab Spring and influenced presidential election in Egypt Al Jazeera is a cable news television launched in 1996 in Qatar by the imperial royal family of Qatar. The network was created to focus on the Arab states and issues facing them.


The Al Jazeera has become popular worldwide due to its coverage of the American and Iraq war in 2011 and the fight against terrorism by the United States forces in Afghanistan (Inseed, 2010). The Arab Spring uprising, which started in Tunisia, was covered by Al Jazeera and aired live to other Arab states in the region. This coverage attracted many viewers who were interested to follow the happenings in that country. While Al Jazeera covered the first demonstrations and arrests of bloggers in Tunisia, their main aim was just to inform viewers and not exactly to influence uprising. The government of Tunisia closed down their internet site, news transmission, and banished the reporters from working in the country indefinitely. Later, Al Jazeera resumed transmission of services through social networking sites and live streaming on YouTube, which the government could not effectively control (Dabashi, 2012) . Through their news correspondents, who mostly are locals of their host nations, the station was able to air live protests and demonstrations in the Arab Spring countries. Their correspondents and bloggers used internet to transmit their views and information to citizens in the countries and abroad. ...
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