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Republic of Singapore is a country located south of the Malaysian peninsula and is composed of sixty-three islands, which form the state. It was started as a British colony in the nineteenth century and was established as a trading colony. The trading hub image has propelled the country to great development as one of the most successful countries with the busiest ports globally.


Some of their beliefs have influenced the way the country handles issues to do with discipline and the respect for nature, and has differentiated Singapore’s laws and rules from those of other countries like Australia. People say that Singapore has fine cities because of their fines, but it is really more of common sense and good etiquette. Tan (2007), highlights that “the most powerful judicial institutions in Singapore is made up of Supreme and subordinate courts”. The president does appointment of judges in Singapore, and the prime minister recommends other judges after consultations with the chief justice. Specialist judges were appointed to the bench in the year 2006, drawn from legal practitioners and academia with an aim of supplementing expertise to the subordinate courts (Tan & Chan, 2007). However, since 1992, capital offences trials have been heard and addressed by a single judge after amendment of the constitution. Capital punishment is still legally in force in Singapore, and offenders are executed according to the laws of the land. The United Nations terms the executions in Singapore to have the highest rates in the world, which are executed by hanging at down on Friday. ...
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