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Staging Excess, Good Invetory - Essay Example


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Staging Excess, Good Invetory

Staging EXCESS, GOOD inventory Step 2 The code is etched into the frame of each part: 1A – defective consumable, 1B – unidentified damage, 1C – vendor return/unrepairable, 1D – identifiable damage. While the previous identification elements were implemented through a tag, in step two the part is etched on the actual item. The individual must first check for the item itself and then commence etching this specific label onto the item. Parts labeled code 1A, defective consumable, are staged in bin #020188, to be automatically scrapped without further investigations. Items from this category contain items that are not entirely broken, yet contain defects that are discernable by the investigator. It’s necessary to ensure that these items remain consumable. Parts labeled code 1C, vendor return/unrepairable, are staged in bin #020189; these parts can also be automatically scrapped. While the items in the previous example were consumable, but defective, items in this category will fall further on the defective scale. In these regards, the item itself is so entirely defective that it cannot be consumed or repaired. In these situations it is then necessary for the individual to personally transfer the product into the bin-staged #020189 and check that these items are later destroyed. Parts labeled with code 1D identifiable damage, are staged in bin #020190. ...
The individual again will transfer these products to the bin #020190. If a part is labeled code 1B, unidentifiable damage, should be visually

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examined for observable or unobservable damage. There is the recognition in these regards that some products will be recognized as dysfunctional, however the damage will not be identifiable. There is the recognition that in this way there will be significant challenges in determining the specific products nature as damaged, but not observed. As such, it is necessary for the individual to potentially conduct a preliminary test on the product to ensure that it is in fact damaged. After conducting this preliminary test it is possible that the individual will realize that the product is defective, yet consumable, or entire defective. In these regards, the individual must refer to the earlier established categories to discern precisely where the product should be staged. If the individual, however, discovers that the product is defective to the extent that it is unusable, but potentially repairable, then these parts with no observable damage should be hand carried to the Repair Center where each part will be tested to determine the extent of damage. After the Repair center tests the parts, it is the responsibility of the individual to check back with this center to ensure that the parts are categorized properly. The individual will meet with the specific technician to determine the extent of damage. If the Parts the Repair Center determines cannot be repaired are staged in bin #020187. Conversely, if the Parts the Repair Center believes the items are repairable are placed in the Repair Stockroom and scheduled for repair. Parts with observable damage should be placed on a skid in bin #020187. These are parts


Overview Several steps must be taken to separate and stage inventory to be scrapped. The inventory will either be tagged EXCESS, GOOD or EXCESS, DAMAGED. These tags will be featured directly on the part and must be checked before they are sorted or tagged…
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Staging Excess, Good Invetory essay example
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