The role of strategic communication in relation to professionalism in public relations

The role of strategic communication in relation to professionalism in public relations Essay example
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Name Tutor Course Date The Role of Strategic Communication in Relation to Professionalism in Public Relations Introduction Strategic communication has become very popular over the recent years. This leads to infusion of communications based on a given master plan and agenda.


On the other hand, strategic communication brings together delivering and pushing of news. Strategic communication thus entails sending the right message through the right channels, which has to achieve measured organizational goals. This brings in the difference of performing and delivering the right communication stuff. This implies that when using strategic communication, news is delivered in real time and the right actions are taken at any given time1. Professionalization of strategic communication is important because it will ensure that the qualified people will be responsible for promoting an organization. Very many unqualified personnel are venturing in the sector although they are unable to deliver the organizations’ expectations. Posting of information on social media websites alone is not enough for the promotion of an organization. This is because an organization ought to come up with a plan that will see it send the right information to the right people and at the right time. This is not achievable if professionals are not involved in the sector. Moreover, institutions of learning should develop syllabuses that will offer expertise to students willing to pursue strategic communication career. An organization’s reputation is very important and should be protected at all the times. ...
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