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Investment in Staff Development Prepared For: Connie Jaracz Walsh College 3838 Livernois Road Troy, MI 48083 Prepared By: Jwana Matloob BBA-Finance Walsh College Date: August 23, 2012 MEMO To: Connie Jaracz From: Jwana Matloob Date: August 13, 2012 Subject: Staff Development Statement of the Problem The employees of a company are probably the most important people in the organization.


It could consist of classroom training, on-the-job training, or lectures. Since every individual learns differently, different methods of training can also be combined together. Training is imperative for technological advances and for every employee to be on the same page when new programs or updates are added. Statement of the Purpose The purpose for this work plan is to determine the positive effects to investing in staff development, and the different approaches that meet the needs of many companies. Research will include the importance of the Human Resource Department, different programs and processes used by many organizations, and finally the expectations. Research Strategy and Methods of Data Collection Sources for this work plan will include sources from the Walsh Database. I will look for articles relating to the importance of the HR department, the different programs used by companies, and articles involving the advantages and disadvantages of investing in staff development Tentative Outline The tentative outline for this work plan is as follows: I. Introduction A. Purpose B. Scope C. Sources II. Human Resource Department A. Goals B. Costs C. Time III. Methods A. Classroom B. On-the-job C. Lectures IV. ...
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