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Journalism in China Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Journalism in China The press in china primarily consists of newspapers, television, magazines and radio with internet also emerging as one of the means of communication in china by the year 2000. People republic of china has faced various challenges since, its foundation in 1949.


For instance, according to the guardian newspaper, a journalist Zhang Ping also known as Chang Ping forced himself out of the journalist profession due to tight restrictions posed by the Chinese government. He got punished repetitively for tackling sensitive issues touching the government in the Southern Metropolis newspaper. This raises many questions on the safety and freedom of journalists in China. The paper, therefore, attempts to analyze various underlying issues behind the freedom and safety of media journalists. The world association of newspapers called on the Chinese government, to honor the promises on reforms and allows freedom of the press. This is due to the continued increase of security issues of journalists who cover insightful issues. Journalists play an extremely imperative role in the media industry, and any attempt to hamper their operations, limit exploitation of their potential. China for instance is one of the leading countries in imprisonment of journalist. This has attracted the world’s attention considering the Olympic bid of the country (World association of newspapers, 2012) The organization committee of the Olympic activities gave the country ultimatums on the issue of press freedom. ...
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