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Analysing Magazine Title - Vibe Magazine Essay example
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Vibe Magazine Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: General information about Vibe Vibe magazine is an entertainment magazine that was started in early 90s (1993) by a businessman, Quincy Jones in conjunction with Time, Inc. The magazine was launched when the internet was still very young and not very accessible by the public but only by government organizations and institutions such as universities (McKay, 2006).


The magazine has a circulation of 301,408. The magazine features R&B and Rap music news and celebrity as well as other news in the entertainment industry such as actors, movie directors etc. however, the magazine has an open bias for rap music, as seen by how the magazine features the many rap music in America. The magazine also runs a completion for best rapper alive. Estimated pass on rates It is estimated that each copy of the magazine is likely to be ready by as many as four people. Many people say they read Vibe magazine even those that are many months old. This could be because of the graphical format of the magazine that makes it easy for people to read and entertaining as well (Bignell, 1997). The magazines online version is also as glossy and is a perfect eye candy for people who visit these pages. Cover of Vibe magazine Vibe magazine has been seen to be very creative in the way it designs its cover and has used creativity of its cover to increase popularity of the magazine. The magazine has used celebrities such as Rap and R&B musician Mary J. Blige for its cover especially during its first few days when it was launched. ...
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