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They inculcate, among other ideologies such as individualism materialism and consumerism (Fiske). Codes are semiotic systems with governing rules and signs with mutual convection that are understood by the members of a culture. Codes make facilitate linking the ideas from the producers’ writers, the text as well as audiences despite their varying interpretations of the same material. This is because they create inter-connection between the symbiotic networks that are constituent of our natural world, through which texts interrelate in a network of meanings that constitutes our cultural world. Friske explores other codes, which are less easy to specify or manipulate such as background landscape, however; they are inseparable from the overall production. For instance, different trees and landscapes are used for both their connotative and denotative meanings. Despite looking fortuitous, a simple image such as a trees shade in water, in a romantic film is actually encoded prior to the filming. Technical codes are easier to specify and analyze although the available choices are somewhat limited. For instant, when all one is working with is a camera, they can only vary the angle of the lenses or distance and suchlike technical adjustments. However, social codes give more allowance for change and adjustment, the perception of the audience can be enhanced and effectively manipulated to further the director’s ends and create appropriate impressions. Fiske explores the lighting in relation to the

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The impact of the programs on the viewers in the backdrop of complexity of the social issues and the intricacies involved in presentation, in fact, acts as a guiding post in formulation of strategies for audience engagement.” It could be observed that John Fiske’s study reflects this concept well.
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Walser, Robert. Heavy Metal: Sounds and Images of Gender
Fiske goes ahead to expose to the readers what the societies’ intention is when it does this. He says that by denying males this opportunity, they feel insecure.
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This form focuses on how a learner changes the environment by manipulating the object. Imitative learning requires the learner not only to focus on how to achieve model goals, but also to have the ability to fathom the differences in the individual minds. In
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Shopping centers and women played very crucial roles in the creation of the identity of the modern consumer (Hamilton 571). The following paper considers the impacts of people whose consuming behavior determines and shapes their desires,
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The paper utilizes the information from John Fiske’s “Popular Culture. Critical Terms of Literary Study” alongside the Film, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” to showcase how the social roles associated with gender are depicted in the film. Emphasis is focused on
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characters role. There exists juxtaposition in that the villain is depicted in a stark white light and in an extreme close ups likely be perceived as invasive and harsh by audiences. The hero, on the other hand, is lighted in softer yellowish colors and respectable distance, this way he can appeal to the audience as a non-threatening character unlike his nemesis. Editing through music is also imperative in creating the desired impressions with major keys being used to show hero’s progress and minor ones for the villain (Fiske). Contrary to popular belief, encoding is not exclusive to the fictional television, broadcast that we have come to consider as objective, hence presumably immune to manipulation that comes with encoding such as news and current affairs are subject to the same. Fiske explains the techniques that covertly encode otherwise non-fictional events. For instance in some interviews, the press has been known to employ tactics such as placing the subject in a partial shadow to give what they are suing an aura of mystery. In so doing, make it appear more sensational or dramatic then the speaker might have intended. Distance and personal space may be used with misleading effects on the audience, for instance if someone is interviewed from too closes a distance they may get hostile and speak defensively or appear that way. As such, they may appear to be hiding something or lying, but they are simply reacting to the pressure put on them by the interviewer who may have intended for the selfsame result. The heroes in drama or those the media wants to convey as such are given more time than “villains” “It has become a conventional rhythm of television common to news, drama, and sport” (Fiske). The characters represent more than individual people do, they represent ideological encoding in the society, and these


According to John Fiske, televised events are subject to encoding, and for any event to be televised it is encoded by social codes in three levels that are; Reality, which is constituent of the appearance and dress and make up environment behavior or speech activities and related events…
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John fiske essay example
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