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2. Literature Review   2.1 Introduction  Since the first female war correspondent covered conflicts in World War I, there has always been controversy over whether ‘feminine’ writing styles should be encouraged in reporting news from dangerous places, especially when the writers are mothers of young children (Chambers et al, 2004: 198).


This is due to the agendas, styles and topics of news that female correspondents demonstrate; this is referred to by many scholars as ‘feminine’ news (Chambers et al, 2004: 2). Chambers et al (2004: 2) indicate that women’s reports “adopted a human-interest approach and were labelled as having a women’s angle”. Nevertheless, Akers (1988: 2) argued that male and female reporters write similar stories. Male correspondents also wrote ‘human interest’ stories. In the field of broadcasting, a growing number of women are being sent to war zones to cover conflicts so as to highlight the “drama of reporting in a market-driven profession” (Chambers et al, 2004: 197). For example, in 2011 Lara Logan was sexually assaulted in Cairo by violent mobs when she was conducting a live interview in front of the camera. Logan commented: “I was more afraid of being raped than shot” (quoted in Eagar, 2011). Manyon (2001: 16) suggests that the physical charms of Lara Logan are to her advantage, but these physical features would not help her when reporting in a war zone; professional skills (self-protection and journalistic skills) are the key advantages when doing reporting during a war. ...
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