Story organization: What does it mean to structure a story correctly?

Story organization: What does it mean to structure a story correctly? Essay example
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Jerry Ciacho September 25, 2012 Story Organization One of the basic elements in structuring a story would consist of a beginning, middle, and end. Early story tellers call this the Three Act Structure where the beginning is always the part where the author introduces the characters, their roles, and the setting fit for the story’s genre (Story Structure & Plot).


Looking at the beginning of the story, establishing characters and the setting could be a vulnerable area that causes a story to be poorly structured. This is because of the fact that every character introduced has their specific roles in setting the direction of the whole story. It is important to keep in mind that mapping out your protagonists and at the same time antagonists is key to be able to propagate the mental and emotional journey of your story without causing any disconnect or confusion to your readers (Strathy, G.). This is more crucial for stories that attack their readers through mystery and mind games especially because the alternate character revelation from the heroes to the villains which creates a riddle readers are so drawn to could either be just be an influx of names or a chain that ties it up altogether. The middle part of the story which is known to hold the conflict or the mini crisis has always been an unflattering area when it comes to maintaining correct structure for a story. This is because of the fact that kicking off a believable and engaging conflict comprises of a trigger, a quest, a surprise, and finally the climax (Hale, A.). ...
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