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In Abu Dhabi Oil Company, with largely diverse and complexly structured work force, the need for a strongly networked and supportive workforce is heavily felt. The cultural variety amongst the company’s human resource is immense. The range of activities that the company takes up and the resultant hierarchies amongst the staff and their range of work are also stratified.


It must be noted here that the company is striving hard to achieve HSE standards. The staff of the planning division of Abu Dhabi Oil Company underwent a team building course to develop its work force into a team with a focused aim. The course was conducted at Abu Dhabi on 30th and 31st of November 2012. Scientifically designed managerial approach was followed to develop the work force as a good team. In order to achieve this larger objective, the course initially explored the key strengths and potential of the team. The areas where the team has to focus in terms of further development of the company were highlighted in the course. However, it is very important to identify the obstacles that current team faces in terms of having focused objectives and working towards achieving them. It is very important to overcome these blocks so that the company and the team could grow further. It becomes the responsibility of the planning division to develop strategies in order to tackle these challenges. These four key areas were thoroughly assessed as a blueprint of the current status of the team was created. This motivated the team to a large extent and also provided clear insight on areas of intervention and also on the organizational weaknesses. ...
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