Media, Power and Modernity: An Analysis of the TV Advertisement of Olay Total Effects.

Media, Power and Modernity: An Analysis of the TV Advertisement of Olay Total Effects. Essay example
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One of the companies that have showed its activeness in advertisement is Procter and Gamble (P&G). P&G advertises its different products which one of those is its brand Olay. As a skin care product, Olay has offered to the market different variants of products that beautify the skin.


Its product advertisements range from Anti – Wrinkle, Regenerist, Professional, Definity, Complete Care, Essentials, Total Effects to a lot more others in which the common factor on all these commercials are the beautiful faces of different women. In addition to that, an award – winning British actress in her late 30s named Thandie Newton has been also the face of Olay Total Effects which is claimed to be a 7 in 1 Age – Defying product.
In the TV commercial of Olay Total Effects, Thandie Newton tells the viewers that in skin care, she chooses only one product that can remedy her skin problem of ageing. It is Total Effects from Olay which has 7 age – defying effects in just one cream. It is advertised to fight the 7 signs of ageing through its capacity to brighten, hydrate, smoothen, refine the look of pores, make even tone, reduce the look of lines and lock in moisture. Olay Total Effects has the capacity to make the skin younger looking. In this case, it has used the idea of ageing as something to be feared of. Indeed, the concept of ageing which is often connected to unattractiveness is used to create fear among its target market. On the other hand, this TV commercial has also used the fantasy of being able to look young despite the fact that the physical impacts of ageing are certain parts of life.
On the one hand, El-daly (2011: 26) described advertising as a powerful type of discourse through which it owns the capacity to persuade not only the how the society has constructed language as well as modality of way of life but on how it can also change the substance of everyday conversation. ...
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