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Insert Name Class Date Title Introduction The film Mean Streets was released in 1973, having been directed by Martin Scorsese and authored by Martin Scorsese himself, and his college, Martin Mardik. The film has been a success, going by the fact that the Library of Congress included it in the US National Film Registry’s repository.


Thesis statement Success in moviemaking demands the incorporation of a good plotline, believable characters and a socio-cultural strong theme, as is seen in the movie Mean Streets. Summary of the Plot Charlie is the protagonist in the film. He works for his uncle, Mr. Giovanni who is the head of a New York mafia gang. Charlie attempts to rise through the ranks of mafia organization, but his Catholic convictions and sense of responsibility towards his friend Johnny Boy dissuade him. Charlie is having a secret affair with Teresa, Johnny’s cousin who is ostracized because she is epileptic. Charlie attempts to secure redemption from the Catholic Church, unsuccessfully. He resorts to succoring Johnny as a way of realizing this redemption. Johnny goes to Michael’s bar, where Michael unsuccessfully coerces him into settling his debts. This leads to a brawl between the two. Later on, Michael and his henchmen trail the Johnny, Charlie and Teresa, engaging them into a drive-by shooting. Johnny is shot in the neck and Charlie who is also the driver, in the hand. This causes the car to crush. An ambulance arrives and its paramedics whisk away the three to a hospital (Mean Streets, 1). Dimensions and Criteria for Evaluating the Film Different dimensions can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a movie. ...
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