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communication studies

A variety of definitions have been produced, yet the attempts to establish a single one seem to be not fruitful (Littlejohn and Foss 3). Thus, considering a few of existing definitions is the best way to understand the essence of the phenomenon. In scholarly literature, communication is considered within three major dimensions: level of observation or, in other words, abstractness, intentionality, and judgment. Within the first dimension, definitions of communication are viewed as broad (for example, communication is a process which relates discontinuous parts of the existing world) or restrictive (communication is a system used to communicate information and orders, through telegraph or telephones). Within the second dimension, the definition includes the dimension of intentionality. For example, communication is a term used to describe situations in which a source transmits a certain message to some receiver with a conscious intent to influence the behavior of the latter. Definitions that include judgment present communication within concepts of success, accuracy, effective outcome, etc. For instance, communication is a verbal interchange of some idea or thought (Littlejohn and Foss 4). ...
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The Course Number 21 October 2011 1. How does communication influence an organization? How does the nature of the organizational structure influence the communication? Why? A) Define communication and organizational structure (both informal and formal)…
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