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Dialogue can positively transform organizational cultures. What role do leaders play in fostering a dialogic communication culture? INTRODUCTION In the modern globalized XXI century, communication particularly is located within multiple layers of organizational culture (Shuter 1998).


The current study would focus on explaining and evaluating the impact that a dialogic communication culture can have on incorporation of a continuous and sustainable change within the organization. The effective dialogic communication can prove to be of immense help in facilitating members of the firm to explore innovative ideas and work with a holistic approach. Members may also find it useful in overcoming their barriers and obstacles caused due to their narrow thinking or tapered approach to work. However, leaders can play an active role in promoting a dialogic communication culture by designing and implementing a structured and systematic communication architecture that strengthens trust and confidence among people and generate a unanimous goal irrespective of varied hierarchy and positions existing within an organization. This study aims to determine the significance and importance of developing a dialogic communication culture by the leaders of the organization. The study would also ascertain whether the dialogic communication culture helps in realizing a sustainable change within an organization that further aims to develop innovative, conceptual and creative skills among members. ...
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