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Role Played by Media in the Production and Perpetuation of Islamophobia Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Table of Content Introduction 3 Role of Media 5 Xenophobia and Islamophobia 6 Misrepresentation of Muslim 7 Conclusion 9 References 10 Role Played by Media in the Production and Perpetuation of Islamophobia Introduction Media shapes the public perception by covering the realities through their censorship; hence, the mass media has been used as a significant weapon.


Moreover, the Muslim groups have been seeking to use various media outlets in order to convey their messages and compare the global dominance of the western media, but their efforts have not succeeded. Western media use the 9/11 incidence in order to capitalize their political gains, and depict Islam as extremism, radicalism and fundamentalism. Therefore, in the modern world where the role of media is taking center stage, the perception of reality is manipulated through a misrepresentation of facts concerning Muslims. The Muslims have been represented as terrorists, thus posing a menace to the Western security, thus media tries to justify the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, hence resulting to the emergence of "Islamophobia.” Nevertheless, there are insignificant initiatives being made as a way of responding to the negative campaigns. Instead, the media are using the acts of terrorism in order to justify that the public is collectively victims of terrorism (Mirza 2012, p. 4). ...
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